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Pastor Charles F. Bennett, founder of Palma Ceia Baptist ChurchThis message from our founder, Pastor Charles F. Bennett, appeared in our 30th year anniversary book.

By God’s Grace and Mercy we have thirty years of faithful service here in this vineyard, we thank God for all that He has done, and all that He is doing. As we gaze backward in the receding years, it brings forth nostalgia relative to certain landmarks, and personalities. We reflect on tears, toils and sleeping saints. Yet the beacon of light leads us out of darkness into the light of salvation and redemption. In these twenty nine years my life has touched the lives of many people, and I count it as a blessing that He Lord used me to minister to them.

Palma Ceia Baptist Church has strived to make God’s word our guide in all things. Our aim is to minister to the congregation and meet the needs of the community. Thanks to all the faithful members who have supported this ministry throughout  the years. Serve on and pray on for there are still greater things waiting for us in the years ahead.

There are blessings that come to us from God’s bountiful hand, the like of which tells a story of God’s love to man. I count these blessings one by one, from His throne on high of which causes me, to thank him, beyond the sky.

Yours in His love, Charles F. Bennett, Founder (December 30, 1921 – March 30, 2010)

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