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Sex tube Communion – Sunday, Oct. 4 – Palma Ceia Baptist Church
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On Sunday, Oct. 4, we will offer two ways to take communion as a church family this month!

Drive-Thru Communion – 10am

Members are welcome to come to the church Sunday morning at 10am for an exciting Drive-Thru Communion Service.

Members will enter the driveway and be directed by members of the Deacon Board to stations where they will receive their communion elements, park to receive
communion, and exit the parking lot.

Please see the diagram below for further instructions.


  1. Turn right into church parking lot from Ruus Road (Southbound)
  2. Stop in front of Sanctuary to receive communion cups
  3. Park to take communion led by Pastor Smith (members remain in cars)
  4. Exit main parking lot
  5. Exit church parking via right turn onto Ruus Road southbound

Online Virtual Communion – 1pm

For members who don’t attend the 10am service, a virtual communion will also be held on Sunday afternoon at 1pm.

We are encouraging all members who elect to participate in this service to join us at this time. For the communion elements, we suggest flatbread or crackers for the bread and grape or some other juice for the wine.

Please watch below to participate in the online virtual communion service.

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