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COVID-19: Judgement Or Coincidence?

COVID-19: Judgment or Coincidence?

Luke 13:1-9 NIV

We should not accuse God of being the author of our calamity, but He can certainly be its solution.

Sermon Challenge: Call on God, and make not just a change in our thinking, but a change in our actions.

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  1. Thank you, Pastor Smith, for posting this! As I am working/teaching from home during at least the next couple of weeks (we are currently scheduled to be back at school on April 7, but that is, of course, subject to change), I would like to offer my assistance to seniors in our congregation who might need assistance with shopping, etc. My schedule is pretty flexible most days (Bill is working hard with the USPS). Please contact me if you need assistance (my number is in the directory, or call the church to get my contact info). I look forward to a more organized response being set up, but in the meantime, please let me know If I can step in for you. Bill and I miss you and pray for all of you!!

  2. Thank you Pastor for such a wonderful sermon I have been blessed today I am always up lifted by your teachings

  3. Thank you Pastor Smith for the wonderful uplifting sermons, and my son Ronald also enjoys listening and watching you on video. What I am doing? Well, I am helping my son get adjusted to do his home schooling online, continuing to go out in the world and serve Wal-Mart customers and continuing to work as a caregiver. Thanks again for the sermons and thank you for the option to still tithe to the church. I feel blessed!

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